VoIP Solutions

Voice over IP, or “VoIP”.

Funny-sounding word…a tremendous communications solution!

Used to be that, if a business grew, and their existing PBX telephone system didn’t have a particular feature, or had run out of lines for that growth, the only option was to replace it with another larger, more expensive PBX telephone system.  More stuff on the wall, new phones and accessories, and time wasted on training (and more training!)…and time and effort to get rid of the old stuff!

And the IT Department had to explain why the company needed to spend money (again) on a phone system!

In today’s business environment, a business’ phone system and network are extensions of their business culture, and often are the primary tool to cultivate it!  Integrating your business applications (CRM, Finance, ERP and Mobile) while being able to grow and evolve are considered “basic features” by today’s standards.  With so many driving metrics to consider and variations of how VoIP is delivered, it’s imperative that you be an Expert before you make such a critical decision.

The New 360 are experts in VoIP, in all of it’s versions:

  • Premise-Installed
  • Hosted
  • Hybrid
Contact The New 360 to find out what VoIP Solution may be right for your business!  Let us sit on your side of the desk and qualify your needs, negotiate with Vendors, and manage the implementation of your next telecommunications solution!