Take the mystery (and misery!)… out of managing your carriers and telecommunications services!
Take the mystery (and misery!)…
Collaborate with your remote workforce, tele-workers and telecommuters!
Improve Teamwork… even when you can't see your team members!
Improve Teamwork…
Success is within your grasp! Achieve your goals AND save money!
Success is within your grasp!

Welcome to The New 360!

Imagine a circle. A line with no beginning or end, complete and connected, with a full perspective of the world around it…both inside and out.

The New 360 provides businesses with a 360-degree perspective of their telecommunications and connectivity requirements, from both the inside and outside of your business. Through our methodology, we ensure that the decisions your business makes about “business” are based upon need, and not influenced by emotion, intimidation, sales-driven urgency or opaque initiatives.  Further, our perspective is that businesses make business decisions, not IT or telecommunications decisions, and that IT and telecom serve your business, and not the other way around.

The New 360 offers dynamic ways to consume your business telecommunications services. Derived as a cost-neutral solution, we take the guesswork out of the essential, yet often confusing aspect of considering telecommunications vendors, their services and customer care. Through careful and in-depth analysis of all of your existing connection and communication systems, The New 360 emerges at the end of the audits and proposals with clear-language, comprehensive, needs-based solutions that are often priced lower than your current “spend”.

Welcome to The New 360…See your business in 360!